Celebrating 35 Years of Martial Arts in Maitland!

  • Kylie
    My son Harry commenced with Kirkwoods Institute of Karate in 2014. I have found both students and instructors al the centre very pleasant. My son loves coming to his karate classes.
  • Mrs F
    I have a 5 year old son and a 3 year year old daughter in the Little Dragons program and both love coming to karate each week. They have both improved social skills, firness, discipline and have more conifidence in themselves and in certin situations from coming. The staff are very patient and caring especially with my 3yr old. I highly recommend and will be srating my youngest son when he’s old enough.
    Mrs F
    (Little Dragons Class)
  • Cindy
    KIRKWOOD’S KARATE has had a amazing impact on our two children, enrolling them into weekly lesson’s was the best decision. We always feel welcome into the lessons. The staff are all very friendly and have excellent skills in teaching the kid’s self defence and encouraging character development. The 3-5 year program is constructive, supportive and encouraging for all ages. Our children not only have a great foundation for their own self protection but they have learnt how to deal with conflict. I would highly recommend K.I.K. to anyone wanting to put their child into a sport, they go above and beyond.
    (Little Dragon’s class)
  • Amanda
    We have been attending Kirkwoods Institute of Karate for 1.5yrs and have to say that we love it there. Myself and 4 of my kids do lessons (soon to be the 7 of us) and I have seen my kids grow so much since being there. Their strength, gross motor skills, self defense, discipline and confidence have soared and they love entering the tournaments available to them and feeling like they are champions whether they win or lose
    (Dragon’s & Ninja classes)
  • Kevin
    As far as I am concerned, this is the only martial arts place to be! Great people, great classes & a great environment. Dedicated people who are professional, friendly and only too willing to help you out and make you feel comfortable. I checked out all other places in the area and outside the area and none of them even come close. KIK is the only place for me
    (Adult class)