Adult Karate

Ages 15 and over

For over 28 years Shihan Peter Kirkwood has passed on his knowledge of Self-Defence to the residents of Maitland and beyond. Shihan Peter and his Team of highly qualified instructors have taught over a thousand students the art of Self Defence.

Our Street effective self defence combined with reality based Martial Arts and fitness training has made Kirkwood’s Institute of Karate one of the most sort after karate club’s within the Hunter Valley.

Age is not a barrier to becoming a black belt. You will be pleasantly surprised by the mix of ages from 15 to mid 50’s in our Adult class, and by the gender balance. Karate is attractive to people who want to:

-Get fit, tone up and lose weight
-Learn decisive and street smart self defence
-Enjoy the grace and beauty of traditional karate forms
-Enjoy a training atmosphere of enthusiasm, non-judgement and camaraderie

In our Adult Class you will start off by learning the basic movements and skills that you need to form the foundation for your journey towards a black belt. Shihan Peter invites you to come join our club with the other students who are currently enjoying the journey towards a realization of a lifelong goal.

This class combines techniques from a wide variety of martial arts that have been 'field tested' and will work in a street situation. Kirkwood’s Institute of Karate teaches Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate which has influences from Japan, the Philippines and Australia, all adding together to give you the perfect martial arts principles.

Karate is a great individual pursuit, but is also a great family activity. It is where all members can enjoy a common interest with values and beliefs that reinforce the kinds of family values you promote. You will have a lot of fun and meet likeminded people, forming lifelong friendships along the way.

This is a class that is suitable for beginner to advanced level participants.

Join now and become the next BLACK BELT in Maitland.