Little Dragons

Classes for 3 to 5 year olds

Our Little Dragon’s curriculum was developed by Shihan Peter Kirkwood and contains the most modern teaching principles with the development of the child being of the utmost importance. Our goal through this program is to instil the values of respect and responsibility in all our students.

The curriculum is designed to ease the junior student between the ages of 3yrs-5yrs into Karate training whilst developing their basic learning and Physical Co-Ordination skills. Watch as Shihan Peter and his instructors utilize the equipment that only a full-time studio can offer; Safety Rubber Flooring, Training Equipment for Gymnastic Development, the Little Dragons Obstacle Course, Pool Noodles, Focus Mitts and Shields; teamed together with specially developed programs for the children.

By enrolling your child into the Kirkwoods Institute of Karate’s Little Dragons Early Development class you are committing to the development of your child in a positive environment and implementing the right characteristics into your child before they start school. Your child will gain Discipline, Confidence, Fitness, Flexibility, Co-Ordination, Balance, Self-Control and, YES of course, have fun !

Our aims:
-To develop an awareness of potentially dangerous situations and to teach protective behaviors and practical self defence.
-To develop mental qualities of Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Respect for themselves and others.
-To develop physical skills of Balance, Co-Ordination, Flexibility and Quick Reactions.
-To help improve their discipline while instilling lifelong anti-bullying & self-defence skills in them.
-To have fun while learning