Teenage Warriors

Classes for 11 to 15 year olds

Pre-teens and Teenagers are excited by new challenges. The Warrior’s classes are based on street level self defence which combines elements from a number of different martial arts such as Kickboxing, Boxing, Arnis and Karate in a street effective format.

Continued emphasis is placed upon:
-Learning effective Bully Prevention and Avoidance.
-Teaching more advanced Traditional karate and self defence techniques.
-Improving awareness and observations skills.
-Improving self-confidence, Hand and Eye coordination & Motor Skills.
-Increasing Overall Health and fitness.
-Encouraging social interaction as an alternative to anti social behaviour.

You will be amazed as your children, through increased focus and confidence, become unstoppable in their quest for:
-Greater achievement at school.
-Unshakeable self respect.
-Increased strength and fitness in both mind and body.

In addition the Warrior classes offer:
-High energy classes.
-Promotes self discipline.
- Improvements in concentration, which we have found has lead to an improvement in school work and health.
-Become assertive and controlled through self defence and sparring exercises.
-Development of rock solid values that will serve our students well as they move to adulthood.