Little Ninjas

Classes for 6 to 10 year olds

Shihan Peter has developed the exciting Little Ninja’s program for 6 to 10 year olds. Our children are energetice and full of enthusiasm. We want our Little Ninja’s to empower themselves as individuals as well as the people around them. You will hear the energy as they go through their self defence drills which are a unique feature to the Kirkwoods Institute of Karate’s Little Ninja’s programme.

Due to the enormous success of our Little Ninja’s program our classes now run 4 days a week which we have divided into two levels. The Little Ninja’s class caters for our Beginners whilst the Advanced Ninja class is for the intermediate students with at least two years training. This allows us to cater to individual needs.

Watch as your children develop amazing levels of mental and physical focus, strength, confidence and agility. Parents at times are also asked to join in with the class to hold the strike shields and focus mitts, and even to role play different scenarios where our students use their blocking skills, escape technique and assertive voice commands to remove themselves from danger. This itself is a big confidence builder when your child gets to see you join in on a class. (Not compulsory)

Shihan Peter’s big word is No. Little Ninja’s are taught to say No to outside influences and to only do what is right. NO to Strangers
NO to Skipping School
NO to Bullying (be proud of yourself and your body)
NO to peer pressure