Protect Yourself and Those You Love

For more than 28 years, Shihan Peter Kirkwood and his team have provided self-defense knowledge, techniques, and advice to Maitland residents and other areas. For those ages 15 and up, our Adult Martial arts fuses street self-defense, real and practical situations, and fitness training all in one. You will discover here that your age will not stop you from reaching the Black Belt status and attaining all your dreams. 

Karate Will Change Your Life in Many Ways

A Black Belt is not just a level but a state of mind. Students vary from 15 to mid-'50s and are men and women. You will not only lose weight and be more toned, but you will become more strategic and decisive in your life choices. Learning self-defense will help you be stronger and more aware wherever you may be. Karate is a fantastic solo and family activity that will teach you valuable skills. Train with us in a positive and encouraging atmosphere!