A Versatile Program for Kids 6-10 Years Old

We understand that kids start to become more energetic, jumpy, and just full of excitement during this age range. We have created the Little Ninjas program so that they may put all this tremendous energy into good use. Our program is unique as it motivates each student but also fosters love amongst the team. Learn our well-known self-defense drills and martial arts forms today!

Watch Your Little Ninja Get Stronger, Smarter, and Braver

We have divided our Little Ninjas program into the Beginners and the Advanced for at least two years of experience. We want every student to receive the complete and customized treatment from our instructors, so each one is guided on the right path to fitness. Throughout our classes, your child will gain mental and physical concentration. Parents are even invited to see their kids do many techniques in front of them, giving them a confidence boost!